Thursday, 12 July 2007

B Cult Link

Renato Polselli

This is the site for Associazione Culturale B Cult, an Italian-based Film Society dedicated to international B movies. It contains articles about for instance Antonio Margheriti, Renato Polselli (with video, in Italian), Rosalba Neri and others, and there is a Trade Area, which is only open to registered socio-cultural members, whatever that means. Still, some pretty cool things to check out.


Luigi Cozzi said...

Fabulous B Movies database. Excellent, professional and friendly staff.

Andrea Caponetto said...

Biographical profiles, interviews and other intersting and unpublished info about Euro cinema directors and actors are actually under layout. They will dispayed in the next months, as a great window on forgotten artists of erotic, horror, giallo etc. flicks.

Crystal Plumage said...

Wow,Luigi Cozzi!
Niels you lucky bastard!

Have you been to Italy again?

beedubelhue said...

Excellent blog,I've added you to my list of bloglinks,keep up the great work!