Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Who's Pino Boller?

This is Pino Boller's one and only credit: for the story and screenplay of Umberto Lenzi's Spasmo. I couldn't find anything about him, and I was wondering if there's anyway who knows anything about him? (Maybe it's Lenzi's neighbour?)

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Mikey Jay said...

I read an interview with Lenzi a long time ago where he said he really didn't care for SPASMO very much. I believe he said he'd caught it on TV a few years before the interview and couldn't even watch it. He said (and my memory is a little hazy on this) that he didn't like the script. He said it made no sense and he took particular umbrage at the my-brother-is-insane-so-I-must-be-insane angle. Maybe Pino Boller was a friend of the producer and they simply hired Lenzi to helm this film as a director for hire?