Friday, 15 June 2007

4 DVDs


Today I found these 4 DVDs for next to nothing. They changed the title so I didn't know exactly what I was buying, but I recognized some of the actor's names and took the chance. It was fun to find out which movies they are and I'm not disappointed. The quality is poor, but still... I haven't seen them yet.

Days of Hell = I giorni dell'inferno (1986), directed by Tonino Ricci

Thunder Squad = I cinque del Condor (1985, Wild Team), directed by Umberto Lenzi

The hard way = La via dura (1987, Colombian connection), directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini

Silent honour = La battaglia di El Alamein (1969, The battle of El Alamein), directed by Giorgio Ferroni (with George Hilton, and not George Hamilton, as the cover states)


Crystal Plumage said...

He Niels,
Leuke Blog man.Ben er even snel doorheen gegaan.

Where did you find these DVDs?
In a shop in Amsterdan I reckon?
Would be great to find such stuff in my home town but only dealer we have here is a very small FRS and basically the horror/action stuff they have is aimed at the MTV generation.

By the way thanks for the Egg tip ;-)
Downloading at the moment.Will be here in a couple of hours :-D
Would looove to have it on DVD sometime.

I'l be back for some more goodies and perhaps I van add some things of my own?
We'll see.
Till next time,pal.


PS: I mentioned your Blog on so you might get more visitors in the near future:-)
Although there's not much activity at the moment,at least people read the threads.

N. Kuiper said...

Thanks Hugo...

My DVD-shop-around-the-corner has a lot of these cheap DVDs you don't see at FRS, most of them American B movies, but I'm only interested in Italian ones... These particular titles are Uk releases by 23rd century, sourced from a video.

Regards, Niels