Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Keoma Soundtrack: G & M De Angelis

Keoma, 1976. Directed by Enzo G. Castellari. Music by G & M De Angelis.

Finally I found the Keoma soundtrack by G & M De Angelis. The score they composed plays a big, important part in the film. The many songs, not unlike a Greek chorus, explain and reflect on the emotions and what’s on screen. The two singers do this with such dark and/or penetrating voices, that almost no film reviewer fails to mention it, mostly negative. But there is a group of admirers, and I’m one of them.


Unfortunately not all songs sung by Guy and Sybil are included, only two: In Front Of My Desperation, performed by Guy, and Keoma, performed by Sybil and Guy. The first appears in the movie when Keoma awaits Caldwell’s men, just before the major shootout, the latter is like the opening theme, only this version is sung by Guy and Sybil together. I really like these songs: they are pretty intense, just like the movie itself.

Dusty Banjo (parts 1 and 2) and Piano And A Bear are pieces that obviously work better within the context of the film. But the other four instrumental songs are very good: two variations on Keoma, one on In Front Of My Desperation and a piece called Waiting. They all capture the sadness and melancholy that makes Keoma such a great film and can be enjoyed by people who aren’t to keen on Sybil and Guy’s singing.

All in all a great soundtrack and the most ambitious for the De Angelis brothers, who had their biggest successes as Oliver Onions with their Terence Hill/Bud Spencer-scores. A year later they made another western-score in sort of the same style, but less sophisticated: Mannaja.
Only disappointed is that not all songs are included.

1. Keoma (instrumental) (04:43)
2. In front of my desperation (02:06)
3. Dusty banjo (part one) (00:42)
4. Keoma (harmonica) (01:38)
5. Piano and beer (01:25)
6. In front of my desperation (instrumental) (03:08)
7. Waiting (instrumental) (01:05)
8. Dusty banjo (part two) (01:25)
9. Keoma (04:45)


Bryan said...

I found your blog by way of Bloody Italiana and did not expect to see this. I'm also a big fan of exploitation soundtracks and I'd drop a dime on this score in second. The music in Keoma always struck me as so strange and a little cheesy, but I can't think of another spaghetti western that did that.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello! The magnificent film, one of my favourite. Unfortunately, I could not find other compositions singer Sybil and Guy anywhere. You do not know, what they still sang? I cut out songs from film in separate clips. If it is interesting, they here:

M.H.P. said...

I just came across your blog, which is great, and low and behold a fellow fan of the Keoma score! This is one score for serious film music lovers. When i first heard it, which was before i actually saw the film i thought this is one of the strangest and most beautiful scores.

Mythz said...

Hey this is a valuable blog post which was at the end of my long search trying to find the score to the Koema soundtrack.

It looks 'G & M De Angelis' are the keywords I'm going to need for my next search.