Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Last Cannibal World: Point of no return

In this scene from Ruggero Deadato's Last cannibal world (1977, Ultimo mondo cannibale) the story is told simple and effective, as much with sound as visually.

After their plane brakes down, Robert (Massimo Foschi) and Rolf are stuck in the middle of the jungle and they decide to build a raft to get back to civilization. But they capsize in a rapid...

Robert manages to climb ashore...

...and sees that the rapid doesn't end.


But all we see and hear is the ferocious rapid.

But then Robert realizes...

there's something else he hears...

While the sound of the river fades out....

The sounds of birds...

and apes and insects takes over...

The endless jungle with it's horrors awaits him.


herman said...

This is a film I hate with such a passion. It is one I ve vowed not to watch again, ever.

Its not badly made, it tells its story effectively.

However the film is so glum, there is no hope. I find myself miserable after watching this film.

In Cannibal Holocaust there is a case to argue that our filmmaker friends ask for what they get, but what did Robert do? Jungle Holocaust is just a spiteful film.

grim stuff.

My My Lai looked great though.


N. Kuiper said...

It is a grim movie indeed, especially the scenes where Robert is a prisoner. Although it has sort of a mondo feel to it, it also manages to be sort of low-key, avoiding the nastiness that makes Cannibal Ferox so (in)famous...
I think it's a the best of the Cannibal craze and expect a review somewhere next week.

herman said...

The funny thing is I don't think its during or aftet Roger's capture that the movie is at his bleakest.

Here is a guy, lost and hungry. then joy of joys he finds something to eat- that fungus. But this just makes him ill.

For me this sums up the lack of hope. The guy just doesn't have the knowledge to deal with his situation. He is a hopeless case in a helpless situation, and thing just keep getting worse and worse for the guy piling misery on misery.

Off on a tangent here I loved the film open water because despite the hopelessness of the situation the couple did keep up some hope.

With Roger in this feature hope is knocked clean out of the guy early on.


Stephen Grimes said...

A classic that i first saw via the Greek uncut tape over 12 years ago,still one of my favorite films after all these years and i own 4 different dvd versions :-)